Fingerprint Door Locks for landlords

Internal Door Smart Security

From £79.95


Comfort and safety

Blusafe Breeze is an ideal product for landlords renting out their properties. From multiple-occupancy to student accommodation households, internal fingerprint door locks can provide better security and privacy for your tenants. If you are renting out shared accommodation, it’s common for tenants not to know who they’re living with. Feeling comfortable at home is important for many reasons, providing someone with the space to relax and unwind can improve mental health. Blusafe Breeze internal fingerprint door locks offer increased security levels for every room, supplying your tenant’s with maximum safety.

Not affected by powercuts.


Blusafe Breeze internal fingerprint door locks are battery operated and connected through Bluetooth, so in the event of a power outage, your tenants will still have access to their rooms, offices and private spaces. Based on the quality of the battery you purchase and the frequency of use, we recommend changing the batteries on Blusafe Breeze every 6 months for optimum performance. Tenants will receive low power warnings for approximately the last 200 uses, so they will know when batteries need to be replaced. 


Security for landlords

Landlords have more control over their internal door locks, preventing old tenants from gaining access with old fingerprints as they can be easily wiped from the device. This is not only protecting your property but your current tenants as well. You won’t have to worry about tenants not returning keys, their access can be removed by you.

No more lost keys

For long-term tenants, Blusafe Breeze internal fingerprint door locks are a great investment. Over time, keys can be lost on a number of occasions, requiring you to provide extras. With fingerprint door locks, you have complete control over the backup keys, and your tenants can enter each internal room with their fingerprint. There’ll be no more phone calls due to lost keys, saving time and money for both you and your tenants.


Add multiple individuals

Up to 50 fingerprints can be added to Blusafe Breeze, all of which will be controlled by you. Admin fingerprints have the authority to add and delete fingerprints, as well as reset the device. This is ideal for houses, where you may have different tenants every year. Blusafe Breeze can be easily installed by you on any standard internal door latch, watch our DIY video tutorials here.

Multiple Colours Available