Fingerprint Door Locks for Students

Internal Door Smart Security

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Comfort and safety

At Blusafe Solutions, we know that safety in student houses is key to a positive university experience. The majority of these houses only offer standard internal door locks, and some don’t offer any at all. Keeping possessions safe is a priority, as some can take advantage of unsecured student houses by unlawfully entering the property. Purchasing a Blusafe Breeze internal fingerprint door lock will maximize safety standards within your student house.

No keys with Blusafe Breeze

If your student residents forget their keys on a night out, they don’t need to lose sleep as our internal fingerprint door locks provide easy access to bedrooms with nothing more than a fingerprint. Backup keys are also an important feature of Blusafe Breeze, should the fingerprint not work for whatever reason. By setting up admin fingerprints, you have complete control over who has access and can reset the device entirely ready for new students each year. Gain control and maintain privacy whilst also letting students have their freedom.


Security in shared accommodation

Shared student houses can range from pairs to 10+ people, and some students might not know the people they’re sharing a house with. Blusafe Solutions wants students to feel comfortable in their student home and with the assistance of Blusafe Breeze, this can be easily achieved.

Batteries that last

Have your residents safe in the knowledge that any items left behind during the holidays will be safely secured in their student room. With an average battery life of 6 months, students can leave knowing their possessions will remain protected by the fingerprint security lock. They will also receive a low battery warning for approximately the last 200 operations, so there is plenty of warning. Choosing higher standard batteries can also increase battery length, so you may not need to replace them as often. 


If you own student accommodation and are looking for a simple solution to help your residents, consider the Blusafe Breeze internal fingerprint lock. Privacy and security is important, and Blusafe Breeze understands the needs of you and your students. Contact us and buy now.

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