Fingerprint Scanner Door Lock

Internal Door Smart Security

From £79.95

Blusafe Origin

Blusafe Origin Smart offers 3 secure ways to unlock your door: fingerprint, key-card as well as mobile phone app! It can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote functionality.


Blusafe Breeze

Blusafe Breeze provides aesthetically pleasing smart locking functionality, as well as both security and convenience for your internal doors. Register up to 50 fingerprints!


Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Door Lock

A fingerprint scanner door lock is a simple and elegant solution for keeping rooms secured inside a home or office. Ideal for landlords, they provide an easy way for residents to ensure their internal doors are locked. No more getting keys cut, or having to change the locks when one occupant goes out and loses their set of keys.

With Blusafe Breeze, you can unlock the door via your fingerprint, or use the backup key, to ensure privacy is achieved across the whole house. These locks not only ensure safety, but they also prevent somebody from being locked out of their home for silly reasons!

The future of securing your belongings is here.

UK’s #1 Fingerprint Scanner Door Lock

Blusafe Breeze is the leading internal fingerprint scanner door lock in the UK. Designed to be simple but effective, it operates like any other handle from the inside of the room, but requires activation to be used from outside.

The technology is state of the art, but should any problems arise, a backup key is available which will allow access. This key can be kept in a safe location for emergency use, but on a day to day basis you won’t need to have any worries about forgetting or losing your key. Your key will always be with you right on the end of your fingertip.

Installation is also simple and intended to be easy to install for a competent DIY’er. Order online and get set up straight away.


Uses For Fingerprint Scanner Door Locks

Our fingerprint Scanner door locks can be used on any internal door with a standard latch to add extra security or privacy. This means that they have a wide range of uses for different customers. We also provide fingerprint locks for external doors, which you can learn more about here.

Landlords in particular can benefit from fingerprint locks on internal and external doors, due to the fact that there will likely be multiple occupants who need access. All landlords know the frustration of having to get keys cut and locks changed – these problems can be resolved with our market leading fingerprint door locks.

Or if you’re a young family, perhaps you want to stop the kids going into your bedroom while you’re out? Or maybe you need to secure individual offices inside a building? Fingerprint locks are ideal in these situations too.

Benefits of Fingerprint Scanner Door Locks

Fingerprint locks have a number of advantages over standard door locks. The main one being that you can’t lose your keys, and with the option to add up to 50 fingerprints, you don’t need to get more keys cut for extra users. They make life easier for homeowners, landlords and business owners too.

Additionally, the fact that every fingerprint is unique means that they are more secure than other keyless door locks, such as those with numerical codes. Your fingerprint can’t be hacked!

And our fingerprint Scanner door locks aren’t only practical, they are extremely stylish too! Enhance the interior of your property with these sleek-looking door handles. Available in chrome, satin chrome or black, you can choose which colour best fits the aesthetics of your home. We also have 2 styles of backplate, the longer one helps hide any holes from previous handles.


For Your Rental

The Breeze fingerprint Scanner door lock is ideal for rental properties with multiple-occupancy or student accommodation. Make your home more desirable to multiple occupants by advertising this feature on your rental property.

Tenants will feel safer and have peace of mind knowing that they have privacy in their own room. And access is only a fingertip away! 

All handles come with backup keys, so as a landlord you never have to worry.

Multiple Colours Available