Can fingerprint internal door locks be hacked?

Blusafe smart locks use a biometric fingerprint sensor, which is much more secure than the old optical fingerprint sensor. So if you want to copy someone’s fingerprint from a wine glass like James Bond, it isn’t going to work. Blusafe smart locks also use AES128 encryption for communication (Bluetooth) which is the same security level as is used in banks. Also Blusafe smart locks have passed many stringent test certifications such as BSI/CE/BHMA.

Our Breeze internal door handles don’t use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so there is no way to hack the lock and fingerprints can’t be cloned.

Origin Smart, our external door lock, uses a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to your smart home and give you connectivity from anywhere. To hack a Blusafe smart lock would mean hacking into Tuya, as our App is based on their platform. Tuya is the third biggest IoT provider in the world and has extremely high levels of security to protect against hacking of any smart home devices on their platform.

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