How do I add fingerprints, IC cards/fob/stickers to the Origin?

The easiest way is via the app, however it can also be done manually on the handle. Please see the instruction manual or ‘How To Videos’ here for clear instructions.

App: Open the app whilst in bluetooth range of the handle, touch ‘Setting’ on your displayed handle, then touch ‘Fingerprints’ or ‘IC cards’. You can then see the fingerprints or IC cards already registered to the handle, simply touch the ‘+’ button in the top right of the screen to add another. Follow the instructions and name the fingerprint/IC card.

Handle: Push the set button (located on the inside handle under the bottom cover). Then either: press your fingerprint (at the top of the external handle) 4 separate times, in 4 different positions, OR; present the IC card/fob to the reading area (just above the lever on external handle)

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