My fingerprint isn’t working when trying to unlock the door

As with any fingerprint technology, the fingerprint may not be recognised every time. We recommend that you register multiple fingers for each person, just in case one finger isn’t recognised. If your finger isn’t recognised, try another finger.

If it doesn’t recognise your finger, it is usually due to your finger being wet or dirty. Therefore make sure you have wiped and dried your fingerprint before use. You may need to dry the fingerprint pad if there is moisture on it from poor weather conditions.

On the odd occasion that it still doesn’t register, IC card, keypad (if owned) or the app to unlock the door. Please be aware that if your fingerprint doesn’t work 5 times in a row, the handle will stop operating for 1 minute before you can try again.

If your fingerprint still isn’t working, you can use the backup key to manually unlock the door.

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