What happens if the batteries die? How do I open my door?

When the batteries are low, you will be prompted before they run out (roughly 100 uses of the handle left). You will hear a voice prompt every time you use the door saying ‘Low Battery’, until the batteries run out. You will be able to see the battery power remaining on the app, however if you have the WiFi hub paired, you will also receive notification alerts from the app, stating that the batteries are low and need changing.

We recommend changing the batteries as soon as you hear the prompt to avoid any issues.

IF the batteries do run out, there is a connection point located at the bottom of the external handle that connects to a standard 9V battery. This will give the handle enough power to operate and unlock, for you to then replace the 4xAA batteries on the internal handle. We recommend keeping one safely stored in case of emergencies, however 9V batteries can be purchased at most stores or car garages if required.

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