Will Origin Smart fit your door?

Does your handle lift to lock?

Origin Smart only works with lift lever multipoint locks. This means that you have to lift the handle before you can turn the key and lock the door.

If you have to lift your handle before locking, Origin Smart is suitable. If you don’t lift the handle to lock, unfortunately Origin Smart isn’t suitable for your door.

Do you have a 92mm lock?

Lift lever multipoint locks come in different sizes. Origin Smart is designed to work with 92mm multipoint locks, which are the most common on the market.

This is measured from the centre of the spindle (handle lever), down to the centre of the lock cylinder (key slot).

If your door lock is not a 92mm multipoint lock, Origin Smart will not be suitable for your door.

Is your door suitable?

Most doors that have multipoint locks are either made from composite or uPVC (plastic). Whilst timber/wooden doors can use multipoint locks, it’s likely that a wooden door has a mortice lock which is not suitable for Origin Smart. Please double check this first.

Origin Smart is designed to work with door thicknesses ranging from 44mm – 86mm.

Still not sure? Contact us!

If you are still unsure whether Origin Smart will fit your door, please feel free to contact us via live chat, email or phone and we will be happy to help.