Blusafe Origin Smart

Secure. Simple. Convenient.

Will Origin Smart fit your door?

Truly Keyless

Blusafe Origin Smart offers 3 main ways on unlocking your door: fingerprint, key-card and mobile phone app! It can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote functionality.

Share permanent or temporary e-Keys with family, friends and guests. Never worry about leaving a key for the dog walker again!

Fingerprint Recognition

Minimum effort, maximum security. Fingerprints provide the simplest and most convenient method to unlock your door. After all, you can’t lose it!

Fingerprints are easily added via voice command and get stronger over time with machine learning. Up to 50 fingerprints can be registered per lock.

Will Origin Smart fit your door?

Origin Smart only works with lift lever multipoint locks. This means that you have to lift the handle before you can turn the key and lock the door. 

If you don’t lift the handle to lock, unfortunately Origin Smart isn’t suitable for your door.

Lift lever multipoint locks come in different sizes. Origin Smart is designed to work with 92mm multipoint locks, which are the most common on the market. To  learn how to measure your door, please follow the diagram here.

Simple To Install

Origin Smart was designed with flexibility in mind. It will work with most doors using a standard UK multi-point lock.

Best of all, we made sure that Origin Smart is DIY friendly, with simple instructions and ‘how to’ videos. We do offer a nationwide professional fitting network if you prefer.

Fully Water Resistant

The Origin Smart is made of a robust zinc alloy and our advanced 7 layer plating process provides excellent corrosion resistance. The lock is fully waterproofed to make sure your lock can survive all weather conditions.

Essentially, it has the same resistance as your existing door handle, so no need to worry!

Voice Commands

The Origin Smart has voice commands to ensure you know when the door is locked, unlocked or has low battery.

You can adjust the volume and mute the lock if you prefer.

Long Battery Life

Blusafe Origin Smart is powered by 4 standard AA batteries. They will only need to be changed every 6-8 months!

Upon low battery, the smart lock will notify you upon every use of the door via voice command. You can also get notifications from the App.

In the rare circumstance that the batteries die, you can use a 9V battery as emergency power to get into the property!

Multiple Colours Available