Blusafe Origin Smart

Secure. Simple. Convenient.

Truly Keyless

Blusafe Origin Smart offers 3 main ways on unlocking your door: fingerprint, key-card and mobile phone app! It can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote functionality.

Share permanent or temporary e-Keys with family, friends and guests. Never worry about leaving a key for the dog walker again!

Fingerprint Recognition

Minimum effort, maximum security. Fingerprints provide the simplest and most convenient method to unlock your door. After all, you can’t lose it!

Fingerprints are easily added via voice command and get stronger over time with machine learning. Up to 50 fingerprints can be registered per lock.

Simple To Install

Origin Smart was designed with flexibility in mind. It will work with most doors using a standard UK multi-point lock.

Best of all, we made sure that Origin Smart is DIY friendly, with simple instructions and ‘how to’ videos. We do offer a nationwide professional fitting network if you prefer.

Voice Commands

The Origin Smart has voice commands to ensure you know when the door is locked, unlocked or has low battery.

You can adjust the volume and mute the lock if you prefer.

Fully Water Resistant

The Origin Smart is made of a robust zinc alloy and our advanced 7 layer plating process provides excellent corrosion resistance. The lock is fully waterproofed to make sure your lock can survive all weather conditions.

Essentially, it has the same resistance as your existing door handle, so no need to worry!

Long Battery Life

Blusafe Origin Smart is powered by 4 standard AA batteries. They will only need to be changed every 6-8 months!

Upon low battery, the smart lock will notify you upon every use of the door via voice command. You can also get notifications from the App.

In the rare circumstance that the batteries die, you can use a 9V battery as emergency power to get into the property!

Multiple Colours Available

Origin Smart FAQ's

  • Can I control my Origin remotely?

    Yes, if you have the Blusafe WiFi hub. This connects your Origin to connect to the internet and allows you to control it from anywhere via the app, as long as your phone has an internet connection. You will be able to unlock your door, share e-Keys, remove e-Keys, remove fingerprints/key-cards, see lock history and get notifications.

  • Can I see when somebody has unlocked the door?

    Yes, the app provides a full audit trail of who has used the Origin and when. (Make sure to name fingerprints/key-cards on the app, so you know who it was!)

    If your Origin is connected to the WiFi hub, your history will be constantly up to date. If your Origin isn’t connected to WiFi hub, the history will update when you unlock the door via the app, or you will need to do a data synchronisation.

  • If I share an e-Key to someone, do they also need to have the app?

    Yes, the user will need to have the app downloaded and they need to register. This is for security reasons, so that their phone can create a secure key connection and also so you can see who has used the lock on the lock history.

  • Can I pair more than one phone with my Origin?

    You can share permanent or temporary e-keys with whoever you like. However, only one phone can be the admin user and pair directly with the app. The admin can then share e-keys from their account.

  • How do I install the Blusafe Origin?

    Please see the ‘How To Videos’ for a full installation walkthrough. Otherwise, use the physical instructions provided with the handle, or download the manual if you have lost your physical copy.

  • My fingerprint isn’t working when trying to unlock the door

    As with any fingerprint technology, the fingerprint may not be recognised every time. We recommend that you register multiple fingers for each person, just in case one finger isn’t recognised. If your finger isn’t recognised, try another finger.

    If it doesn’t recognise your finger, it is usually due to your finger being wet or dirty. Therefore make sure you have wiped and dried your fingerprint before use. You may need to dry the fingerprint pad if there is moisture on it from poor weather conditions.

    On the odd occasion that it still doesn’t register, IC card, keypad (if owned) or the app to unlock the door. Please be aware that if your fingerprint doesn’t work 5 times in a row, the handle will stop operating for 1 minute before you can try again.

    If your fingerprint still isn’t working, you can use the backup key to manually unlock the door.

  • How do I connect my Origin to the app?

    First, download the app, search ‘Blusafe’ on App Store or Google Play. Then register on the app, this is a quick process. Once logged into the app, press the ‘+’ in the top right of the screen, then allow the app to use your camera.

    Then, locate the plastic setting cover, at the bottom of the internal handle. On the inside of the cover, you will see a QR code. Point your phone camera at the QR code for it to scan. Then on the external handle, touch just above the lever to wake up the handle. The app will pair, then listen to the 4 digit code spoken by the handle and enter it into the app. Name your handle, it will then show in the app.

  • How do I add fingerprints, IC cards/fob/stickers to the Origin?

    The easiest way is via the app, however it can also be done manually on the handle. Please see the instruction manual or ‘How To Videos’ here for clear instructions.

    App: Open the app whilst in bluetooth range of the handle, touch ‘Setting’ on your displayed handle, then touch ‘Fingerprints’ or ‘IC cards’. You can then see the fingerprints or IC cards already registered to the handle, simply touch the ‘+’ button in the top right of the screen to add another. Follow the instructions and name the fingerprint/IC card.

    Handle: Push the set button (located on the inside handle under the bottom cover). Then either: press your fingerprint (at the top of the external handle) 4 separate times, in 4 different positions, OR; present the IC card/fob to the reading area (just above the lever on external handle)

  • How many users can I have on my Origin smart lock?

    You can store up to 50 different fingerprints, up to 50 different IC cards (cards, tags or stickers) and unlimited e-keys that can be permanently or temporarily shared with users.

  • Will Blusafe Origin fit my door?

    Blusafe Origin is designed to fit any door with a standard UK multi-point lock. In simple terms, if you have a uPVC or Composite door, then Origin will work. If you have a Wooden or Aluminium with a 92mm multi-point lock, Origin should also work.

    Origin will not work on Traditional Latch locks, Mortice locks or standard Deadbolt locks.

    If you are still unsure whether Origin will work on your door or you are unsure what a multi-point lock looks like, please feel free to email a picture of your door and lock to and we will let you know ASAP.