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Breeze Long Backplate - Black

Breeze Long Backplate - Black

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Breeze brings smart lock technology into your home. Use convenient but secure fingerprint technology to ensure certain rooms have privacy and are only accessed by the right people! Register up to 50 fingerprints to ensure multiple people have access.

Breeze is great for shared/student accommodation landlords, making sure each tenant has their own privacy at the touch of a finger. With 2 backup keys, the tenant has peace of mind, but the landlord can also gain access with their backup key as well.

It is also great for standard homes, why not seal off your bedroom or office from the kids and make sure the right things are kept private.
Breeze uses 4 x AAA batteries that typically last around 6 months. You will get a low battery warning roughly 200 operations before the batteries run out. In case of emergency, there is a micro-usb port to give emergency power from a power bank. Don’t forget though, you can always access your door with the backup key regardless of whether it has power or not!

Installation is very simple, straight forward and can easily be performed as DIY. There is a comprehensive manual in the box, along with a detailed installation video on our YouTube channel! The handle will work on any internal door with a standard latch.

You can choose from 2 styles of Breeze in 3 different colours. Our original design is a modern circular backplate, which is great for new doors. However, when retro-fitting to an existing door, you may see the holes from the old handle. That’s why we designed another version with a long backplate, to ensure you can cover up any old holes or marks!

Our handles also come in 3 colours, Chrome, Satin Chrome or Black.

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