Professional Installation

We strongly recommend having your Origin Smart fitted professionally - for just £99!

To book your professional installation for Origin Smart or Breeze, please call 01702 351911 or contact quoting your name, address and Blusafe product requiring installation. They will work directly with you to book and install your product.

In partnership with Greenfenster, we have a nationwide network of Blusafe Certified engineers who can fit your smart lock for you for just £99!

Doors can be complex and there is a chance that your new smart lock may not function efficiently unless the door is in perfect working condition. This is why we recommend professional installation, so a locksmith can assess the door and make any adjustments needed when fitting the smart lock.

Doors with multi-point locks come in various materials with a wide array of different locks. Alongside this, it is common that doors aren’t working perfectly for many reasons, these issues can occur in the hinges, alignment, lock mechanism, lock cylinder and many more. Just because your door opens, closes and locks fine, it may be that any small issues could effect the operation of your new smart lock.

Greenfenster is A National Network Dedicated to the Longevity of Doors and Windows.

Our Skills are comprised of:

Professional Installation Technicians specialising in Caring, Repairing, Maintaining and Upgrading all types of door and window systems. And only when necessary, Replacing.

We have over 40 years experience repairing, maintaining and improving all types or door and window systems. Our professional technicians are fully qualified, certified and insured. We pride ourselves on our clean, friendly and competent service and will treat your home as our own.