Vulnerability Procedures

We value your discovery of errors/bugs on our products. They help us to make Blusafe better! 

To help us collect this useful information, please follow our vulnerability discovery and disclosure procedures as below:

 Step 1: if you are using our Blusafe Smart App, go to “Me” – “FAQ & Feedback” – “Feedback”. The App will automatically send your feedback to us; if you are using our Blusafe App, go to “Profile” page, and click “Problem Feedback”. The App will automatically direct to email; OR,simply write an email to us at;


Step 2: in the email, please provide your model of Blusafe product, product serial number or QR code, country/region where you purchased the product, and a description of the errors/problems you encountered or found. Please also provide us your name and contact;


Step 3: A member of our support team shall contact you within 24hours. Depends upon the types of errors/problems and correspondingevaluation, it may take 7 to 28 working days to deal with. We will keep you posted until the error is completely solved.