Origin Smart - External Door Handle

Watch our short video showing all features of the Blusafe origin smart.

Truly Keyless Door Lock

Blusafe Origin Smart Door Lock offers 3 main ways of unlocking your door: fingerprint, key-card and mobile phone app! It can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote functionality.

Share permanent or temporary e-Keys with family, friends and guests. Never worry about leaving a key for the dog walker again!

Best Quality Smart Door Lock

All of our keyless door lock products are high quality and conform with security and IP standards.

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Fingerprint Recognition

Minimum effort, maximum security. Fingerprints provide the simplest and most convenient method to unlock your door. After all, you can’t lose it!

Fingerprints are easily added via voice command and get stronger over time with machine learning. Up to 50 fingerprints can be registered per lock.

Will Origin Smart fit your door?

Origin Smart only works with lift lever multipoint locks. This means that you have to lift the handle before you can turn the key and lock the door. 

If you don’t lift the handle to lock, unfortunately Origin Smart isn’t suitable for your door.

Lift lever multipoint locks come in different sizes. Origin Smart is designed to work with 92mm multipoint locks, which are the most common on the market.

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Simple To Install

Origin Smart was designed with flexibility in mind. It will work with most doors using a standard UK multi-point lock.

Best of all, we made sure that Origin Smart is DIY friendly, with simple instructions and ‘how to’ videos. We do offer a nationwide professional fitting network if you prefer.

Fully Water Resistant

The Origin Smart keyless door lock is made of a robust zinc alloy and our advanced 7 layer plating process provides excellent corrosion resistance. The lock is fully waterproofed to make sure your lock can survive all weather conditions.

Essentially, it has the same resistance as your existing door handle, so no need to worry!

Voice Commands

The Origin Smart has voice commands to ensure you know when the door is locked, unlocked or has a low battery.

You can adjust the volume and mute the lock if you prefer.

Express UK Shipping

We provide fast shipping nationwide across the UK as standard.

Long Battery Life

Blusafe Origin Smart is powered by 4 standard AA batteries. They will only need to be changed every 6-8 months!

Upon low battery, the Origin Smart Door Lock will notify you upon every use of the door via voice command. You can also get notifications from the App.

In the rare circumstance that the batteries die, you can use a 9V battery as emergency power to get into the property!

App features for business owners

With Blusafe’s app, the power is in your hands. You can have 50 fingerprints added to the keyless door lock at once and using the app you are able to add new ones or take them off as you please.

Alternatively, you can have unlimited users on the outdoor smart lock app. This is great for businesses that have multiple employees who come in and out of the office daily. 

Another app feature suitable for businesses is that you have a full activity log of who has entered and at what time. If you have employees that have left your business, you can easily take away their access via the outdoor smart lock app.

In addition to this, you can see via the app whether the door is locked or unlocked, giving you extra protection from theft.

App features for Landlords

Landlords can also benefit from these great features! Adding or taking away access to your properties’ smart door lock means that you don’t have to worry about tenants giving back keys when they leave and having to replace costly locks.

Giving multiple tenants access to the building could be great for student accommodations or houses with multiple occupants. The power is at your fingertips to add or take away access with the Blusafe outdoor smart lock app. 

You can also easily manage access for cleaners and contractors via the App, by either sharing temporary access or letting them in remotely.

App features for property owners

We have gone an extra step further to help you provide temporary access for people through our outdoor smart lock app. This could be a great option for homeowners, who need to give access to particular people for a certain amount of time.

These could be cleaners, gardeners or even dog walkers. Consequently, if you are not at home, you’re just one click away from giving someone access remotely via Wi-Fi.

You may think this is a security risk, but the Origin Smart Door Lock will only open via an encrypted signal from the user’s app. The app is hosted by a large IoT provider called Tuya, therefore to gain unauthorised entry, someone would have to bypass all of Tuya’s security protocols first.

Additional app features for property owners

The outdoor smart lock app also allows you to assign certain fingerprints as ‘special fingerprints’.

If a user is assigned as ‘special’ on the app, it will send a notification to your phone when they enter. This is a great feature for parents who may want to receive a notification when their children are home safe.

An additional security feature on the multipoint smart lock app allows you to see if the door is locked or unlocked.

With Blusafe’s app, security is at your fingertips. The multipoint smart lock app works through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you will be able to access the home with ease. All you have to do is download the app, gain access from the property owner and you’re in!


Is it likely that the Origin smart lock won’t recognise my fingerprint?

It is unlikely that the Origin lock will not recognise your fingerprint after the first try, however, we recommend that you register at least 3 fingerprints, just in case. Make sure that your finger and the fingerprint pad are dry and free from dirt or grease. If for any reason it isn’t recognising your finger, please open the handle via the App or with a key card.

Will the door automatically lock when it loses battery or will it remain open?

This all depends on whether the lock was locked or open before the battery died. On most occasions, it will be locked, because the door will be shut. When the batteries run out, all information (fingerprints, key cards, users) will be stored, so when new batteries are installed, everything works as it did before.

How do I change the batteries of the Origin smart lock?

Simply remove the battery cover on the internal handle and replace the 4 x AA batteries with 4 new ones. We recommend using high-quality batteries for a longer-lasting life and they can’t be rechargeable batteries.

How long will it take me to install the Origin smart lock?

We strongly recommend having the Origin Smart professionally installed, as doors can be complicated and have various issues. However, our videos enable you to install the lock quickly and easily, with installation and setup taking 30-60 mins typically. If you have any questions, contact us.

Will I know if someone tries, but fails to open the door?

On the Blusafe Smart App, you can see a full activity log of who has opened the door and when. There is an alarm section that specifies when people try but fail to get into the door.

Is the Origin smart lock easily broken?

No, our smart locks are made from the most durable, high-grade materials to ensure maximum security. Due to the fact that no key is used, locks can’t be picked making it even more secure. The Origin Smart has passed the BSI TS621 certification, which is the British standard for smart locks and is heavily tested for various break in methods.

What is the Origin smart lock made from?

The Origin Smart is made of a robust zinc alloy and our advanced 7 layer plating process provides excellent corrosion resistance. The lock is IP65 water resistant to make sure your lock can survive all weather conditions. The lock is built from robust materials and is designed for maximum security.

Can I grant someone temporary access to the app?

Yes, you can choose the time and date range that you wish to grant access to a visitor. This is made possible via our app, which allows you to grant access to people that don’t have their fingerprint set on the Origin smart lock. The visitor would need to download the app and register to use the temporary key.

Can I control my Origin Smart remotely?

Yes, if you have the Blusafe WiFi hub. This allows your Origin Smart to connect to the internet and to control it from anywhere via the app, as long as your phone has an internet connection. You will be able to unlock your door, share e-Keys, remove e-Keys, remove fingerprints/key-cards, see lock history and get notifications.

Can I see when somebody has unlocked the door?

Yes, the app provides a full audit trail of who has used the Origin Smart and when. (Make sure to name fingerprints/key-cards on the app, so you know who it was!)
If your Origin is connected to the WiFi hub, your history will be constantly up to date. If your Origin Smart isn’t connected to WiFi hub, the history will update when you are in Bluetooth range and unlock the door via the app.

If I share an e-Key to someone, do they also need to have the app?

Yes, the user will need to have the app downloaded and they need to register. This is for security reasons, so that their phone can create a secure key connection and also so you can see who has used the lock on the lock history.

Can I pair more than one phone with my Origin Smart?

You can add people to the family and share permanent or temporary e-keys with whoever you like. However, only one phone can be the homeowner who can then assign users as Administrators or Common Members, depending on the level of control they want that user to have.

How do I install the Blusafe Origin Smart?

We strongly recommend that you get Orign Smart installed professionally as doors can have various quirks and variations. If you wish to install it yourself, please see the ‘How To Videos’ for a full installation walkthrough. Otherwise, use the physical instructions provided with the handle, or download the manual if you have lost your physical copy.

How do I connect my Origin Smart to the app?

First, download the app, search ‘Blusafe’ on App Store or Google Play. Then register on the app, this is a quick process. Once logged into the app, press the ‘+’ in the top right of the screen. This should pick up your Origin Smart handle and you can follow the on screen prompts to add the handle to the app.

You can see a full set up tutorial on our ‘How To Videos’ page, or you have a full set up manual in the box.

How do I add fingerprints and key cards to the Origin Smart?

The easiest way is via the app, however it can also be done manually on the handle. Please see the instruction manual or ‘How To Videos’ here for clear instructions.

App: Open the app whilst in bluetooth range of the handle, touch your displayed handle, then touch ‘Users’ and choose which user you want to assign it to. You can see the fingerprints or Key cards already registered to the handle, simply click ‘Add’ under either ‘Fingerprints’ or ‘Key cards’. Follow the instructions and name the fingerprint/key card.

Handle: Push the set button (located on the inside handle under the bottom cover). Then either: press your fingerprint (at the top of the external handle) 4 separate times, in 4 different positions, OR; present the key card/fob to the reading area (just above the lever on external handle)

How many users can I have on my Origin smart lock?

You can store up to 50 different fingerprints, up to 50 different key cards and unlimited e-keys that can be permanently or temporarily shared with users.

Will Blusafe Origin Smart fit my door?

Blusafe Origin Smart is designed to fit doors with a standard UK 92mm lift handle multi-point lock. There are a few obscure locks that don’t work well, therefore we recommend that you send a picture to us to confirm if you are unsure. To see more information on whether Origin Smart will fit your door, please click here.

Origin will not work on Traditional Latch locks, Mortice locks or standard Deadbolt locks.

If you are still unsure whether Origin will work on your door or you are unsure what a multi-point lock looks like, please feel free to email a picture of your door and lock to enquiries@blusafesolutions.com or use our live chat and we will let you know ASAP.

What happens if the batteries die? How do I open my door?

When the batteries are low, you will be prompted before they run out (roughly 200 uses of the handle left). You will hear a voice prompt every time you use the door saying ‘Low Battery’, until the batteries run out. You will be able to see the battery power remaining on the app.

We recommend changing the batteries as soon as you hear the prompt to avoid any issues.

IF the batteries do run out, there is a connection point located at the bottom of the external handle that connects to a standard 9V battery. This will give the handle enough power to operate and unlock, for you to then replace the 4 x AA batteries on the internal handle. We recommend keeping one safely stored in case of emergencies, however 9V batteries can be purchased at most stores or car garages if required.

My key card/fob won't open the Origin Smart every time

To unlock the door with the fob/key card, you first need to wake the lock up by touching the light underneath the logo on the external handle. When you see it light up, touch your fob/key card to this area and it will unlock the door.