Mirage - Fingerprint Padlocks

Watch our short video showing all features of the Mirage fingerprint padlock.

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Our market-leading fingerprint padlock is revolutionising the way people secure their belongings. Whether it’s for home, school, work, at the gym or anywhere else, you can lock and unlock your smart padlock with one simple touch.

Whereas a key or combination code can be lost or forgotten, your fingerprint is with you 24/7 and is totally unique to you. This brand new product utilises the very latest technology to offer you a highly secure and cutting edge solution.

The future of securing your belongings is here and available for you to order online today. Click on the padlock image to buy now! 

Fingerprint Padlock Styles

Our fingerprint padlocks come in both classic black and timeless chrome finishes. We are always looking to expand our range and will be releasing new colours in the future, so keep an eye out!

This means that your smart padlock will not only be practical, but it will be extremely stylish too. You’ll no doubt be the envy of your gym partners when you secure your locker next to theirs, as they struggle to remember their code or realise they’ve left their key at home. 

Our impressive range includes short and long shackle padlocks, suitable for many different uses. If it’s for securing a shed or bulky item, you might require a long shackle. Whereas for gyms, work or school lockers, a short shackle fingerprint padlock might be more suitable. 

Uses For Fingerprint Padlocks

There are countless different uses for our fingerprint padlocks. Whatever you use a standard padlock for, the process of securing and unlocking your belongings can be enhanced with fingerprint technology.

Typical uses include gyms, gardens, schools, workplaces, toolkits, sheds, bikes, and much more. Get as creative as you like and secure whatever you need with our padlock – The key is in your fingertip!

Fingerprint Padlock Features

Up to 20 fingerprints can be held on one padlock if required, meaning it is ideal for multiple family members being able to access the padlock. You can also register multiple of your own fingers.

It is IP-66 water-resistant, therefore you can comfortably use our smart padlock outdoors without worrying. 

The battery lasts over 3 months on a full charge, usually much longer. If at any point the batteries run out, you can easily give power via a micro-USB port.

Multiple Colours Available


What happens if there is a power cut or the internet doesn’t work?

The fingerprint padlock is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, therefore the lock will work providing it has charge. If the battery runs out, it can be powered via a micro-usb cable.

How long does the battery last?

The battery on the fingerprint padlock lasts up to 200 days or 4,000 operations on a full charge depending on the environment. It is rechargeable via the micro-USB port in the bottom of the padlock. When the battery is low, you will see a purple LED flash upon use and will have roughly 50 operations before the battery runs out (we suggest you charge it at this point). In any circumstance that the battery has run out, simply insert a micro-USB cable from a power bank or plug to give temporary power to unlock, then charge as normal.

What's the difference between the long & short shackle fingerprint padlocks?

The shackle is the part of the fingerprint padlock that you attach to whatever you want to secure. We have both short and long options available, suitable for different applications. The short shackle is what you would expect from a typical padlock. The long shackle is 20mm longer to accommodate larger objects where you require more space to secure the padlock.
Short Shackle: 90mm long, 55mm wide, 25mm deep
Long Shackle: 110mm long, 55mm wide, 25mm deep

Can I add fingerprints for multiple people on one padlock?

Yes! Our fingerprint padlock can hold up to 20 different fingerprints at once. We recommend adding multiple fingerprints per user, to ensure they have multiple options to unlock. The admin user would be required to add further fingerprints.

How do I set up my fingerprint padlock?

Setting up a fingerprint padlock is very simple and very similar to how you would add your fingerprint on a phone. Use the provided tool to press the set button, then place the desired finger onto the pad, then remove and replace it in slightly different positions 4 times. The first 3 fingerprints added will be admin fingerprints, you will require an admin fingerprint to add any fingerprints in the future.
We recommend that you register multiple fingers/thumbs per user to ensure you have multiple options if one doesn’t recognise.

Can I use my fingerprint padlock outdoors?

Mirage fingerprint padlocks are IP65 water resistant, meaning they can be used outdoors. The are supplied with a small rubber seal that can be used to further protect the padlock in outdoor use, this doesn’t need to be used for indoor use.

How secure is a fingerprint padlock?

It’s strong enough to hold up to anything except fairly large bolt cutters wielded by someone with enough strength to squeeze through a quarter-inch of hardened steel, or an angle grinder. You can rest assured that your fingerprint padlock is just as secure, if not even more so, than a standard padlock. As it unlocks with your fingerprint, it is actually more secure than other options, since you can’t lose your key or risk somebody getting hold of your combination code.

It’s important to remember that no lock is fully secure, the question isn’t about whether it can be broken, it’s more about how easy or how long does it take to break and how much of a deterrant is it?