Breeze - Internal Door Handle

Watch our short video showing all features of the Blusafe Breeze.

Simple and Elegant

Blusafe Breeze provides aesthetically pleasing smart door lock functionality, as well as both smart security and convenience for your internal doors.

Unlock the internal door lock via your fingerprint or use the backup key to ensure privacy is achieved across the whole house. Register up to 50 fingerprints!

Easy To Use

Our smart internal door locks are designed to be simple but effective. It operates like any other handle from the inside of the room, but requires activation to be used from outside.

Installation is also simple and intended to be easy to install for a competent DIY’er.

Smart Security for Your Home

Breeze can be used on a plethora of internal doors to add extra security or privacy. 

Maybe you need to secure your office, or even just want to ensure your bedroom is private, either way it is a great addition to ensure children can only go where you want them to!

Styles and Colours

We designed Breeze in two different styles to suit all doors. Whether you are retro-fitting to an older door and want to cover up the holes from the previous handle, or fitting to a brand new door and looking for a modern circular design.

Both styles come in Chrome, Satin Chrome and Black colours!

Smart Security for Your Rental

Our smart door lock is great for rental properties with multiple-occupancy or student accommodation.

Allow your tenants to have privacy in their own room, in the knowledge that they always have access via their fingerprint!

All handles come with backup keys so as a landlord you never have to worry!


How do you lock a fingerprint internal door lock?

Our Blusafe internal smart door lock systems do not need fingerprints to lock. Instead, simply shut the door and we’ll take care of the rest. The system automatically locks once a door has been closed, and can only be opened again with a valid fingerprint, or a backup key. Inside of the room, it will operate like any other door handle. It really is that easy.

Are fingerprint door locks safer than key locks?

Our Blusafe biometric fingerprint systems lock instantly when you shut the door, unlike many standard key locks, providing you a higher sense ofsafety with the addition of smartsecurity in your home.

What are fingerprint internal door locks used for?

Blusafe Breeze locks are for internal purposes only, so can be used for bedrooms, offices, or any internal door that you would like locking. They are installed for privacy reasons, especially in shared homes, and are perfect for landlords renting out to multiple tenants.

What to do if your door lock stops working

The batteries in the fingerprint internal door lock should last roughly 6 months, so once they have run out you will need to replace them. You will also receive low battery warnings for approximately 200 operations before the batteries die. Blusafe internal biometric locking systems come with a key for this very reason. When your smart door lock has no power, it can still be opened with the spare key before you replace the batteries. 
If you believe your product is faulty, or isn’t working perfectly on new batteries, contact us for assistance and we will respond as soon as possible. Or, don’t hesitate to call us on 01904230190.

How do fingerprint internal door locks work?

Our Blusafe Breeze door locks are easy to fit on various internal doors with a standard latch. After installation, setting up your fingerprints is simple.
You will be provided with a set tool which needs to be inserted before registering a fingerprint. The first three prints are classified as admins and therefore can authorise any new fingerprints that might be added.
The biometric system is only accessible on the outside, meaning you do not need your fingerprint to exit your room or office. The door automatically locks when fully shut, and can only be reopened with a registered fingerprint or the backup key.
If you want to leave the door unlocked instead of it locking automatically, you can just leave the backup key turned in the handle and operate it normally. When you want it to automatically lock again, just remove the key.

How secure are fingerprint internal door locks?

Fingerprint internal door locks offer a higher level of smart security for your home. They are tougher to defeat than standard key locks, and not only use your fingerprints but also come with 2 back up keys. You can add additional fingerprints to the system, allowing access only to friends and family. Blusafe internal door locks can secure individual rooms within a property or office building, increasing privacy and security standards. Because our door lock can be opened with a back-up key as well as a fingerprint, you never need to worry about being locked out.

How long will the batteries last?

The answer to this will depend on the standard of batteries installed and how frequently the handle is used, but typically it lasts up to 6 months. We recommend that the batteries are replaced every 6 months for optimum performance anyway. However, if certain locks are rarely used then this time period could be extended. The higher the standard of batteries, the longer they will last.
Before the device runs out of power, you will receive low battery warnings for around the last 50 operations.

How is the fingerprint internal door lock powered?

Blusafe fingerprint internal door locks are powered with 4 x AAA batteries. Please keep in mind that using better quality batteries will extend the battery life and they can’t be rechargeable batteries.

How many fingerprints can the breeze biometric door lock hold?

Our Blusafe internal biometric door can register up to 50 fingerprints at any one time with an easy set-up and reset process. This makes it ideal for uses such as shared student accommodations or offices, where a number of people may require access.
Students/tenants are also given a better feeling of privacy with fingerprint door locks, with no risk of a previous tenant still having keys to that room.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my fingerprint internal door lock?

Unfortunately, no. Our Blusafe internal fingerprint door locks require four non-rechargeable AAA alkaline batteries. However, these batteries can last up to 6 months, so the benefits of using rechargeable ones are minimal for our products. 

What happens if there is a power cut or the internet doesn’t work?

Whilst many fingerprint locks require the use of wifi or bluetooth in order to work, the Blusafe Breeze system does not. The fingerprint technology in the lock is battery operated and has no connection to the internet. Therefore the lock will work regardless of a power cut or the loss of internet.
If the batteries die, you are still provided with a manual backup key so you won’t be locked out. We do recommend changing the batteries every 6 months, depending on how frequently you use the lock, to prevent the use of the backup key.

Will the Breeze fingerprint internal door lock fit my door?

Our Blusafe fingerprint internal door locks are designed to fit on any internal doors with a standard latch, such as a bedroom or office door. If your doors have an existing lock with a built in key hole, then Breeze won’t be suitable. However, it can replace punch code locks commonly found on HMO bedroom doors.
So if your door ticks this box, then oursmart internal door lockssystem will work for you! They are ideal for bedroom doors, office doors, and more. If you can install a standard lock, you’ll be able to install a fingerprint lock as well.
If you are still unsure whether our product is suitable for your internal doors, contact us with any questions.