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Origin Smart

Blusafe Origin Smart Door Lock offers 3 main ways of unlocking your door: fingerprint, key-card and mobile phone app! It can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote functionality. Will suit most 92pz lift lever system's in the UK.

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Breeze is great for shared/student accommodation landlords, making sure each tenant has their own privacy at the touch of a finger. With 2 backup keys, the tenant has peace of mind, but the landlord can also gain access with their backup key as well.

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Mirage - Fingerprint Padlocks

Blusafe Mirage fingerprint padlocks mean you no longer have to worry about losing a key, forgetting a code or fiddling with the combination in the dark! It allows you to register up to 20 fingerprints so you can make sure family or friends have access where required, fingerprints can be added or removed by up to 2 set admin users.

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Contour V - Black

Contour V

Timber Door application 5-in-1 Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock The Blusafe WiFi smart door lock provides multiple ways for you to enter keyless: APP Remote Control: When someone rings the doorbell, take a picture and notify you immediately. When you know who is at the door, you can remotely open the door for him even when you are not at home. Note: the remote unlock function is passively triggered by ringing the doorbell on the smart lock. Fingerprint: Your finger is your key, it can accommodate up to 100 fingerprints Passcode: Unlike the button keyboard, the hidden keyboard is not easy to wear and tear, effectively protecting your password. it can accommodate up to 100 passcodes. RFID Keycard&Mechanical Key: Traditional solution for emergency.(2 RFID keycards and 3 mechanical keys are included.)

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Contour - Black


Same timber door application as Contour V just dosen't have a video camera.

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Truly Keyless Blusafe Cloud offers 3 ways on unlocking your door: fingerprint, application and keypad! Additionally, there is a backup key should you need it. Share permanent or temporary e-Keys with family, friends and guests. Never worry about leaving a key for the dog walker or cleaner again. Get notifications when someone arrives home and see a full activity log of who opened the door and when.

Fingerprint Recognition Minimum effort, maximum security. Fingerprints provide the simplest and most convenient method to unlock your door. After all, you can’t lose it! Fingerprints are easily added via voice command and get stronger over time with machine learning. Up to 100 fingerprints can be registered per lock.

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