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Blusafe Infinity Smart Black- Keyless Door Handle for Home Security, Keypad, App Control, Remote Lock/Unlock

Blusafe Infinity Smart Black- Keyless Door Handle for Home Security, Keypad, App Control, Remote Lock/Unlock

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Simple To Install - Infinity was designed with flexibility in mind. It will work with most doors using a standard UK multi-point lock. We recommend professional installation as doors have a range of quirks that could cause problems with a smart lock.

Fully Water Proof - The Infinity is made of a robust zinc alloy and our advanced 7 layer plating process provides excellent corrosion resistance. The lock is fully waterproofed to make sure your lock can survive all weather conditions. Essentially, it has the same resistance as your existing door handle, so no need to worry!

Long Battery Life - Blusafe Infinity is powered by 4 standard AA batteries. Battery life is dependant on usage and environment, however we recommend changing the batteries every 6 months for optimum performance. Upon low battery, the smart lock will notify you upon every use of the door via voice command. You can also get notifications from the App. Upon low battery warning, you will get around 200 operations of the handle before they run out, however we strongly recommend replacing the batteries as soon as you get a warning to be safe. In the rare circumstance that the batteries die, you can use a 9V battery as emergency power to get into the property!

Infinity Smart offers a whole new world of truly keyless convenience to your home. Both secure and easy to use, never lose your key again when you can unlock your door with your fingerprint! Fingerprint, Key-Card, or App, you have multiple ways to unlock the door. Also, share e-Keys with guests when you aren’t home to let them in! Pair with the Blusafe Wi-Fi bridge to manage and unlock your door from wherever you are! Stuck at work and need to let someone in? Simply unlock the door via the app. We strongly recommend getting professional installation, as doors can have multiple problems. Our trusted partners will ensure that your door is suitable and that you get the best experience possible with your new smart lock.

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