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Blusafe Solutions Uk

Blusafe Wi-Fi Bridge

Blusafe Wi-Fi Bridge

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  • Pair the Wi-Fi bridge with the Origin Smart to control your door lock from anywhere.


  • This is an add-on if you already own the Origin Smart. When purchasing the Origin Smart, you can add the Wi-Fi bridge as a bundle.


  • Wi-Fi capability allows you to unlock the door remotely, wherever you are. You can also see a live activity log of who has opened the door and when


  • Running late? Let someone in from the office. Need to let a cleaner or dog walker in? Just get them to alert you that they are at the door, then let them in!


  • If the Wi-Fi or power goes down, the Origin Smart still works with fingerprint, key fob or Bluetooth. This would only affect the ability to control the lock remotely.
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