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Mirage Padlock - Chrome Short Shackle

Mirage Padlock - Chrome Short Shackle

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Security at your fingertips!

🔓 Blusafe Mirage fingerprint padlocks mean you no longer have to worry about losing a key, forgetting a code or fiddling with the combination in the dark! It allows you to register up to 20 fingerprints so you can make sure family or friends have access where required, fingerprints can be added or removed by up to 2 set admin users.

🔓 Mirage comes in both black and chrome, as well as short and long shackle lengths for securing larger items. The high quality zinc casing and hardened steel shackle ensure that the padlock is very durable and can resist many break-in methods commonly used by thieves.

🔓 The IP66 water and dust resistance mean that it can easily be used both outdoors and indoors with many uses including: Gyms, Schools, Workplaces, Gardens, Gates, Sheds, Bicycles, Storage units, Suitcases and many more!

🔓 The rechargeable battery lasts up to 200 days or 4,000 uses on a full charge depending on the environment. A red light signals low battery warning and you can charge the fingerprint padlock via micro-USB. If the battery runs out, the padlock remains locked and you can charge via a power bank and micro-USB. Upon opening, the battery should be fully charged before the first setup and use.

🔓 Specifications: Box: 18.5cm x 10cm x 3cm - 0.275kg Short Shackle: 9cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm - 0.25kg Long Shackle: 11cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm - 0.26kg Rechargeable battery included in the product, box includes charging cable, setting pin and instructions.
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